Never Run Out of Power

Discover the outdoors with Powerology's power generators, made for all your adventures. Whether you're camping in the woods, traveling in an RV, or hosting an outdoor party, we have the right generator for you. Our range includes small, easy-to-carry generators for your backpack and bigger ones to power your whole event. With Powerology, your devices will stay charged, and your gadget will keep running, no matter where you go. Enjoy nature without giving up the tech you love, keeping your outdoor fun powered up and hassle-free. 

Some of the top-notch Powerology Power Generators are as follows:

Powerology 120000mAh 600W Portable Power Generator 

The Powerology 120000mAh 600W Portable Power Generator is a powerful and multifunctional power source for all your needs. With a large battery capacity of 120000mAh and 384Wh, it can charge your phone to 100% for up to 30 times. It includes a 100W car charger outlet for easy charging while you're on the move. Thanks to its two solar charging inputs of 100W each, you can also use sunlight to charge it. This generator provides 600W, making it great for running larger devices. It has a 15W wireless charging pad for your phone and a 100W PD port for fast charging larger devices like laptops. The battery type is LifePo4, known for its durability. It has multiple USB outputs for charging various devices and a car charger outlet. This generator is perfect for outdoor adventures, providing reliable power while being eco-friendly with its solar charging capability.

alt="120000mAh portable power bank"

Powerology 76800mAh 300W Portable Solar Power Generator 

The Powerology 76800mAh 300W Portable Solar Power Generator is a compact yet powerful solution for your energy needs. With a 76800mAh battery capacity, it provides 300W of power to keep your devices running during outdoor activities or power outages. It features a 12V-16.8V/10A car charger output for convenient charging in your car. The generator offers a 600W output, ensuring your sensitive electronics are powered safely. It includes an 18W USB-A with Quick Charge 3.0 for fast-charging smartphones and other devices, and a 30W solar panel input allows for eco-friendly charging under the sun. The 60W PD port offers fast charging for devices that support PD, like laptops and tablets. This generator uses a Li-ion battery, supports a wide range of inputs, including a Type-C input with multiple voltage settings for efficient charging, and offers various outputs including AC, DC, USB, and Type-C ports. With a battery life of over 500 cycles, it's a reliable power source for all your adventures.

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Powerology 90000mAh 300W Portable Generator with Hi-Fi Sound System

The Powerology 90000mAh 300W Portable Generator with Hi-Fi Sound System combines a high-capacity power supply with premium sound quality, making it a useful companion for outdoor events and emergencies. A 90000mAh 288Wh battery offers 300W, ensuring your devices stay powered. The built-in 85W speaker delivers high-fidelity sound, enhancing outdoor gatherings or providing entertainment during power outages. It's designed to last, with a battery life of over 2500 cycles, ensuring long-term reliability. This generator supports various charging inputs, including car, solar, and adapter charging, making it easy to keep powered up wherever you are. It offers multiple outputs: AC, dual USB-C up to 30W for fast charging, dual USB-A, and two DC outputs, all housed in a durable shell made of PC flame retardant material and steel mesh. Whether for powering devices or enjoying quality sound, this generator is built to meet your needs with efficiency and durability.

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