Powerology Vegan Leather Desk Pad

Powerology Vegan Leather Desk Pad

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- Vegan Leather Finish
- Smooth and Even
- Anti Slip Base
- 75 x 40cm

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Over time, leather goods have served a variety of purposes. But vegan leather is a relatively new material that is currently being used in many industries. Vegan leather is a material that is durable and makes it perfect for office accessories. Powerology has introduced a vegan leather desk pad to help users protect their desks while working.  

You can use our Desk Pad as a mouse pad or a desk mat. It protects your desk from scratches and scuffs and normal wear and tear. It will help organize your desk and office space for superior productivity. Maximize efficiency and improve a working setup designed for your needs.

Create a beautiful and organized workspace with Powerology vegan leather desk pad. It is lightweight, slim, and easy to carry on the go.

Smooth and Even Surface

A vegan leather desk pad provides a smooth and even surface. This can eventually improve your writing or working quality. Our vegan leather desk pad brings a fashionable touch to your office space. Additionally, it provides your desk with a durable protective layer to keep your working space last longer. Gently move your mouse on this desk pad to experience the enhanced interactivity between the mouse and the pad.


Powerology Vegan Leather Desk Pad


Anti-Slip Base

Powerology vegan leather desk pad is designed with an anti-slippery coat at its back to keep the item fixed in place. This adds a tougher layer to the vegan desk pad which allows a higher grip and higher adhesion. Place your cup of coffee on it and be sure that nothing is going to move it except picking it up with your hand.  


Powerology Vegan Leather Desk Pad


Excellent Size

A larger leather desk pad is great for those who need larger workspaces. This allows a wide area of your desk to be protected. Furthermore, a reasonable desk pad size allows optimal use and storage.


Powerology Vegan Leather Desk Pad



  • Vegan Leather Finish
  • Smooth and Even
  • Anti Slip Base
  • 75 x 40cm


  • Material Type:‎ Vegan Leather
  • ColorBlue, Black, Cognac, Gray
  • Dimensions:‎ 75 x 40 x 0.5 cm
  • Weight95 Grams