Powerology Smart Portable Outdoor Fridge and Freezer

Powerology Smart Portable Outdoor Fridge and Freezer

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-iOS and Android App Compatibility
-Refrigeration Range -20°C To 20°C
-15600mAh Li-ion Battery Capacity
-Up to 22 hours of Battery Life
-Low Energy Consumption
-Heavy-Duty Handle
-20 Liters Capacity

1,499.00 AED
VAT included.

Do not worry about your food with Powerology portable outdoor fridge. It will keep your food and drinks cold.  Ergonomic design with variable functionality, count it as a travel body. A long-lasting battery with low energy consumption will provide maximum working hours. Flexibility for charging is one of its greatest features.

Priority for Travels

Powerology Outdoor Portable Fridge is one of the priorities for adventures and those who like road trips a lot. With 20L capacity, fresh food and cold beverage will always be accessible.

As it is portable, it can work anywhere you prefer. Camping, outdoor parties, and caravan trips can be more enjoyable with snacks and cold drinks. Therefore, your food will not spoil as long as you have this exclusive portable fridge.



Long Lasting Battery

The battery of this fabulous outdoor portable fridge can sustain 22 hours per charge. The battery capacity is 15600mAh. For a full charge, it needs approximately 8 hours. Similarly, the charging time depends on the charging option that you select from several available options.





Low Energy Consumption

Switch the power-saving mode to enhance the working time. With the advantage of this option you can use the product for a longer time. The low energy consumption mode lets this outdoor portable fridge power last longer, meanwhile you are looking for a reliable power source for charging. 

Smart Design, Smart Functionality

All the greatest design factors have been embedded in this portable outdoor fridge in the way to bring maximum functionality for consumers. Its heavy-duty handles are crafted to fit into your hands to provide an easy carrying option.

Control Panel

The powerology smart portable outdoor fridge and freezer has the notification option. It will notify about the current status of the fridge by monitoring the control panel. You have the option to change the temperature or chose the battery protection mode with this control panel. In the case that you need to charge your phone, just use the USB port which has been embedded in the control panel.


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Multiple Ways to be Fully Charged

In this portable smart outdoor fridge and freezer, you can have different choices for charging to give you flexibility. If you can reach a wall outlet you can use the dedicated charger adapter, within 8 hours reach 100%. Moreover, you can charge the car cigarette lighter with the 13.5V. This may take up to 8 hours to provide a full charge.


  • iOS and Android App Compatibility
  • Refrigeration Range -20°C To 20°C
  • 15600mAh Li-ion Battery Capacity
  • Up to 22 hours of Battery Life
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Heavy-Duty Handle
  • 20 Liters Capacity


  • AC Voltage: 110-240\/
  • DC Voltage: 12V/24V
  • AC Rated Current: 1.2A-O.5A
  • DC Rated Current: 5A/2.5A
  • Battery: Li-ion 15600mAh 
  • Insulation Foam: C5H10
  • Refrigerant: RI 34a(24g)
  • Refrigeration Range: -200C to 200C
  • Noise level: <45dB
  • Fridge Weight: 1 1 Kg
  • Total Weight: 12Kg
  • Fridge Dimensions: 60 x 32 x 32 cm
  • Carton Dimensions: 62 x 37 x 37 cm