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When it comes to buying weighing scales online; users usually have their preset expectations. The Powerology smart scale collection produces the best scales putting everyone’s expectations into consideration. 

The Powerology Smart Scale 2022 collection will help you to meet your fitness expectations. Aside from weighing, these body scales can monitor the number of health factors that measure your body's weight and other compositions. It can calculate your BMI, body fat, hydration, bone mass, and other body metrics. These smart scales can work with both Android and iOS devices. 

A portable and handy smart weighing scale is what everyone needs by their side in the washroom or the bedroom. The perfect size and portable body scale allow you to carry it easily.  You come out of the swimming pool or after intense training you can use our scale.  It's a great way to keep track of your body's changes.

With the use of most advanced technology; our products deliver a comprehensive smart scale. You can easily track and monitor your health and fitness with utmost accuracy.

One of the prime questions that come with advanced technology, is how to set them up. Fret not, this smart scale comes up with the manual and can easily be set up with a single button.

Our user-friendly app that comes along with every smart scale helps you control many functions directly on your phone. We have designed our products with the best readability and display features to meet our customers' satisfaction whether buying weighing scales online or in-store.