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The best way to keep your phone display free from scratches is to place a screen protector cutting machine on the display. Initially, people were using rubbery protectors to secure their smartphones. Screen protectors are now made of tempered glass, which provides better protection than traditional screen protectors.

Many electronic devices have designated screen protectors which are already available in the market. Although, screen protectors for devices such as digital cameras and MP3 players are less common on the market. In fact, finding the right size screen protector is an obstacle that we have been facing throughout time. 

Powerology has found the solution to this issue and has introduced the screen protector cutter machine. This machine operates fully digital to produce customized screen protectors. With our innovative universal screen protector plotter machine, you can make screen protectors for different devices.

Powerology intelligent universal screen protector cutter machine is easy to set up and use. It has the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi connection and download the required scheme for any specified device model. All it takes is 20 seconds to cut out our desired screen protector design.

Another interesting fact about owning a screen protector machine is that in long run it can bring profits to you and your business. Relatively affordable film price helps save a lot of money on screen protectors.  This makes the screen protector machine a great option, especially for mobile phone repair stores and related businesses. 

We designed our screen protector cutter machine to be effective in producing screen protectors and covers for more than 6000+ smartphone models from more than 20 phone brands.

So, grab your portable screen protector cutting machine at powerology and enjoy the high quality with perfect outcome at budget-friendly prices