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As the number of devices increases day by day, we find it hard to find enough power outlets to keep them up and running. And the answer is always a good power extension. 

Our brand of power extensions is of superior quality with safety mechanisms in place, to ensure that you have access to the power supply without any hassles. Be it for your home or office purpose, you can always find the required one here.

Forget those old bulky-looking extensions and replace them with our compact, lightweight, and convenient Power Extensions which come in stylish looks. It is sure to catch your eyes! 

The power extensions are made with a well-thought-out and ergonomic design that fits on any surface. Some models have space acting like a holder for your smartphones. You can always prop them up in there while charging.

We have extensions with different cord lengths and several AC output sockets, which support plugs of many sizes and types. Multiple ports also support USB – C and USB – Cables to charge your smartphone devices.  It also comes in a range of standard colors. The material used is fireproof and has a built-in fuse to prevent overcharging and overheating.

So, without much further ado, select the Power Extensions you need from our impressive collection and get working without worries!