Portable Fridge and Freezer Collection

Collection: Fridge

If you're wondering how to choose the right portable fridge, the answer is simple: look for a portable fridge and freezer with a low current draw, especially when operating on 12 volts. This is a direct indication of how long your battery will last and how long your fridge freezer will run at your camping site or while on a road trip.

Introducing you Our exclusive collection of the next generation of mini portable fridges and freezers. Powerology has used the most innovative technologies and ideas to bring you the best product by considering your needs and requirements. 

Powerology offers a smart and portable fridge and freezer collection to keep your food and beverages from spoiling on a long road trip. It has been designed carefully to offer the best performance even under the harshest conditions. The revolutionary design allows you to set the refrigerator to the desired temperature ranging from -20 Degrees Celsius to +20 Degrees Celsius. 

All products have a dedicated app that allows the user to control the refrigerator's functions. The application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

So, wait, are you waiting? Buy a portable fridge and store fresh food and drinks effortlessly. Keep your food and drinks cold without losing their real taste.