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Multi-Functional Dash Cam 2022

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The best dash cams record what is happening on the road as you drive. We are introducing the dash cam 2022 collection, which offers well-designed dash cameras more than a basic camera. Our dash cameras come with a premium and great video aligned with the set of features. We tried to produce the products with the most functionality. You can record and display high-quality videos.  

Powerology dash cam 2022 can support SD cards up to 24 to 64 GB capacity as a place to store the videos. The constant video recording features allow you to record with the best details at any speed. The Powerology Dashcam 2022 can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi and the data saved on the LuckyCam App can be viewed. Find the App on the App Store or google play. You have the full visibility of four traffic lanes with a 140° view angle.

Go anywhere in the fastest possible time and the shortest recommended direction with the embedded GPS of dash cam selections. If you are not in the car; the motion sensor will let you know about any movement. This feature is really useful if someone hit your car and runs, the camera lets you find out about it, by sending notifications on your phone. The most latest and exclusive dash cam collection includes a gravity sensor, which is a valuable feature for all products.

If the ultimate dash cam 2022 detected a sudden change of direction, it starts the 'event mode'. With that, it will save the current part of the recording in a secure section of memory. Go ahead and check out our new collection and let us know, about your experience.