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At present, we rely a lot on our smartphones for everything. No wonder our smartphones are being used in cars more than before. That is the reason car mounts are being hugely manufactured and widely used. Whether we are using our phones for navigation or for recording our road trips, car mounts can bring ease to our lives while we are driving. Car phone holders are the simplest yet most useful inventory for our cars. 

Powerology introduces the best and the latest and exclusive collections for car holder for sale which is now available in various shapes and sizes. We produce car mounts for everyone’s needs and budget. This comes with the additional feature of fast wireless charging. 

Our phone holders are popular among buyers due to their ease of installation and distinctive shapes and styles.

Car phone holder sizes can vary depending on the car model and air vents' shape. An easily adjustable car mount can save money for you as it fits many smartphone sizes and you do not require to buy multiple-size car phone holders.

Wireless car phone holders and chargers perfectly operate on both Android and iOS smartphones. No more confusion about buying a USB car charger or a car mount. We have combined both functions in one gadget. The powerology wireless car phone holder is one device that has various features and supports many smartphone models.

Smooth rotation of our car mounts allows viewing your screen in both portrait and landscape views.  Finally, we can confidently say that powerology car mounts have the best combination of stability, safety, and convenience to hold your phone on the road.