Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology

Quick Charge is one of the most often utilized fast charging methods, which are widely available. You may spend less time plugged into outlets thanks to Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, which charges your devices more quickly than traditional charging methods.

A Quick Charge-capable charger provides greater power when coupled with compatible devices, enabling the connected device to charge more quickly. Quick Charge is one of the fastest charging technologies that is already included in many of your favorite smartphones. You can charge your smartphone to 80% of its capacity in just 35 minutes if it supports Quick Charge 3.0.

Each new Quick Charge generation is backwards compatible, which means it may be used with earlier versions, safeguarding your chargers for the future. Additionally, it is anticipated that Quick Charge 4+ will include USB Power Delivery, allowing Quick Charge accessories to quickly charge a larger range of devices.

Charge up to 4 times more quickly than standard 5W chargers. Using the maximum power for a thermal limit of 40C for all charging implementations, a 2750mAh quick charge battery is charged at a pace of 1.5C based on internal Qualcomm Quick Charge testing.

While smartphone designs have advanced to use larger displays and better capacity batteries, USB charging was restricted to 5V and 1.5A (7.5W). In order to get around this restriction, Quick Charge 2.0 was released in 2014. It enables enabled devices to accept a greater charge level when linked with a Quick Charge compatible charger. Quick Charge has developed further, accelerating and streamlining the charging procedure while delivering a secure charge that safeguards battery life.

In order to maintain high power delivery for charging while also ensuring that power transfer was as effective as possible, Quick Charge 3.0 was released in 2015. The most recent iterations, Quick Charge 4 and 4+, are universal and will function with any smartphone that supports rapid charging.

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When purchasing an accessory for your Quick Charge-compatible smartphone, always look for the Quick Charge emblem. This certification guarantees that the charger satisfies Qualcomm's performance and safety requirements. Uncertified chargers have a higher risk of shorting out or overheating, which can harm both your smartphone and the charger. While charging devices, your charger may become warm, but if it is approved as Quick Charge compatible, there is no need for concern. These certificates demonstrate a number of safety precautions were followed. While temperature and voltage controls keep your charger operating within safe limits, a controller chip controls the electrical flow to your battery to ensure there are no hazardous current spikes.

One of the things that impacts a battery's longevity is how often it is charged. Regardless of the charger you choose, a device's battery life will decrease after a large number of charging sessions. Battery Saver technology, which is incorporated into Quick Charge, aims to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

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